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BAETE Conflict of Interest Policy

Service as a BAETE board member, committee member, team chair, program evaluator, accreditation consultant, or staff member creates situations that may result in conflicts of interest or questions regarding the objectivity and credibility of the accreditation process. The board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education expects these individuals to behave in a professional and ethical manner, to disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest. The intent of this policy is to: maintain credibility in the ac creditation process and confidence in the decisions of the board members, committee members, team chairs, program evaluators, consultants and staff members; assure fairness and impartiality in decision-making; disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest; and act impartially and avoid the appearance of impropriety.


  • Individuals representing BAETE must no participate in any decision-making capacity if they have or have had a close, active association with a program or institution that being considered for official action by BAETE. Close, active association includes, but is not limited to: current or past employment as faculty, staff, or consultant by the institution or program; current or past discussions or negotiation of employment with the institution or program; attendance as student at the institution; receipt of an honorary degree from the institution; an instituion or program where a close family relative is a student or employee; or an unpaid official relationship with an institution, e.g. membership on the institution's board of trustees or industry advisory board.
  • A record of real or perceived conflicts of interest will be maintained for all those involved in the accreditation process. Each individual will be provided with a copy of this record annually for updating this record. Copies of the conflict of interest records will be provided to the individuals responsible for selection of team chairs and program evaluators.
  • All individuals representing BAETE must sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality statement indicating that they have read and understood these policies. The policies on conflict of interest and confidentiality will be reviewed at the start of first board meeting when a new committee is formed.
  • Individuals must absent themselves from any portion of a BAETE meeting in which discussions or decisions occur for which they have a real or perceived conflict of interest. Real or perceived conflicts may occur if there is: a close, active association with a program or institution; a financial or personal interest; or any reason that the individual cannot render an unbiased decision. The names of individuals who have recused themselves during a meeting for conflicts of interest will be recorded.

A document featuring the conflict of interest and confidentiality statement can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Download Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement