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The visiting team consists of a Chairperson, two Programme Experts (one of them from Industry/user organisation) and the Member Secretary (during the initial years). Visiting team members are either senior academics or engineers/technologists who are selected on the basis of their high standing in the profession, capacity to assess curricula, competence in appraisal based on overall objectives and performance towards the achievement of set goals.


The Chairperson of the Visiting Team has the overall responsibility for the Accreditation visit. The Chairperson assigns duties to each team member keeping in view the overall perspective. He should be familiar with the Accreditation process and gather in advance the earlier reports, if any. He fixes the date of visit, arranges the accommodation and venue for the meeting, and works out the details of the Visit in consultation with the authorities of the Institution. He has the responsibility for the preparation of the consolidated team report.

One of the members of the team will be identified to take on the role of the Chairperson if the team Chairperson is unable to undertake the Visit due to some unforeseen circumstances.


The Programme experts are responsible for evaluation of individual Programmes. Usually there is one expert for each Programme form the academic field, and one from industry/user organisation. The latter can sometimes serve as an expert for more then one programme depending on his competence and abilities. However, in case two Programmes with substantial duplication in course-content are being offered within a department, a single set of two experts may be chosen for both the Programmes. For Programmes in emerging or inter-disciplinary areas there can be more experts, depending on the need.

The duties of the programme experts include evaluation with reference to the eight criteria given in the bye-laws, through physical verification of infrastructural facilities, records, interviews with students and other activities which they deem necessary for total performance appraisal. In order to provide transparency to the process, Observers may be appointed by BAETE and the Visiting Team Chairman will be informed accordingly.

In case any Visiting Team member is unable to undertake the visit due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the Chairperson will nominate another expert keeping in view the guidelines for selection of experts. The Chairperson after mutual agreement on the dates for the Visit, shall proceed with the arrangements for the Visit, and provide the information obtained from the Institution to the members.


Normally, the Accreditation team requires a 3-day Visit in order to complete the assessment process. Recent examination papers laboratory instruction sheets, student transcripts and student reports, and such other materials that may be of relevance in assessing the student performance, should be made available to the experts during their Visit. Textbooks, teaching assignments and lecture files which the faculty use for instruction ad continuous evaluation of students should also be made available for the perusal of the team. Qualitative factors such as professional attitudes, staff commitment, intellectual atmosphere and morale should also be assessed and quantified to the extent possible based on the weightages furnished in Annexture. Specially the following activities are expected to be completed by the Visiting Team during the visit.

  • Discussion with appropriate Senior Administrative Officers who from part of the Management, including the Vice- Chancellor (in case of University Constituent College )/ Principal/Dean/Head of the Department of the concerned Programme.
  • Discussion with groups of faculty members, and, if necessary, individuals to assess professional attitudes, commitment, and morale and intellectual atmosphere.
  • Discussions with students and alumni, if available, for feedback.
  • Discussions with supporting staff and the service departments.
  • Visits to laboratories, library, computer centre, centre for extension activities, placement cell, sports and medical facilities.
  • Perusal of all the documents furnished by the Department/Institution.
  • A final meeting with Senior Administrators and others referred to in (1), to explain the strength and weaknesses of the Programme, as observed by the team. If the Institution expresses a desire to withdraw a Programme for being considered for Accreditation, it may be permitted to do so at this stage.


The following is a typical schedule for the visits. However, depending on the needs and requirements of the Institution, the schedule may be altered by the Chairman. Members are encouraged to have post dinner meetings among themselves every night during their stay.

09.00 A.M. Discussion among the Members of the team.
11.00 A.M. Discussions with Administrators.
11.30 P.M. Discussions with groups of faculty members.
01.00 P.M Working Lunch.
02.30 P.M. Discussions with students.
04.00 P.M. Discussions with supporting staff and staff of service departments.
05.00 P.M. Tea
06.30 P.M. Discussions among Visiting Team members at the place of their stay.

09.00 A.M. Visit to library, Computer Centre, Support Departments,Sports Complex, Health Facilities, placement Cell, Residential Area, etc.
01.00 P.M Working Lunch.
02.00 P.M. Visits to the laboratories of individual Programmes by Programme Experts. Examination of documents by the Chairman/General Experts.
05.00 P.M. Tea
06.30 P.M. Exchange of views among Team Members at the place of stay.

09.00 A.M. Discussions with Administrators and others concerned with the Institution/Programme.
10.00 A.M. Discussions among the Members and comparison of individual draft documents.
11.30 P.M. Seeking additional information, if deemed necessary subsequent to discussions.
01.00 P.M Working Lunch.
02.30 P.M. Final meeting to explain the strengths and weaknesses.



  • The Accreditation Proforma should be completed all respects and returned to the Board along with the prescribed application fee, at least three months before the process of Accreditation desired, and addressed to:

    The member secretary.
    Board of Accreditation for Engineering & Technical Education.
    13th Floor, IEB Headquarters, Ramna, Dhaka-1000
  • The Visiting Team will be identified and the visits will be scheduled within three months of the receipt of the completed proforma from the institution.
  • The chairperson of the Visiting Team will correspond with the Head of the Institution for all arrangements to be made for the Visiting Team.
  • The Board will defray all the expenses of the members of the Visiting Team.
  • The Visiting Team will discuss with the head of Institution the salient observations and findings concerning the Institutions and the Programmes which are offered for Accreditation. The essential purpose of this final meeting is to provide the Head of the Institution an opportunity to correct any misunderstanding on the part of the Visiting Team disclose the likely recommendations regarding Accreditation.
  • Samples of questions papers of University/Board examination and internal tests along with available students answer books, laboratory manuals/instructions and reports should be made available during the visit for all the principle courses in the main disciplines and the supporting areas. Course syllabi, text books followed and resource materials should also be a made available for consideration by the Visiting Team members of study described in the curriculum document.

The completed application on the prescribed form must be accompanied by a crossed demand draft/pay order as Accreditation fee payable to 'BAETE' at Pubali Bank Ltd (PBL), Shishupark Branch. The present fee structure is given below. The BAETE reserves the right to change this fee structure from time to time.